"We Create Spaces That Are As Unique As The People Who Live In Them."

Owning and moving into your personally designed, brand-new, custom dream home will probably be one of the most exciting life experiences you will ever have.

Avantgarde Design Homes is one of the most detail-oriented and seasoned modern homebuilders in Florida with over 20 years of experience.

Using our cloud based project-management software, where you get your own user, will allow you to have total control during the construction process. And you’ll be up-to-date about every step that is taken with your home.

From material selection to colors and changes, everything is handled easily. It’s fun for you as well. Not only will moving in be a great experience, but the process of creating your dream home will be, too.

Our friendly, caring team will attend to your needs. Our goal is not only to make your dream come true, but to make you a raving fan of our homes and refer as many people as possible to us.

From lot selection and purchase to financing and construction loan approval, if needed, to design of the building and interior design, we assist and handle the entire process.

We’ll be by your side and help you not only make the best choices but also get even more than you expected.

Avantgarde Design Home Builders Joachim Kantenwein Florida President: Joachim Kantenwein